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Our company has extensive experience in the development and implementation of unique logistics solutions in the field of road transport. More than 500 vehicles and trailers of different modifications meeting all the modern requirements are constantly available to our experts.


We control all logistics procedures involving your international imports and exports. We choose the right transport carriers and loading equipment, ensure packaging suitable for sea transport and assume responsibility for reliable shipping.

Our main routes:

  • Europe, Mediterranean sea
  • Baltic sea, east route
  • India and Pakistan, Red sea
  • Atlantic ocean, South-American route
  • African route


Our company releases both type of shipments single container and complete block trains. Significant experience in the area of railway service allows us to influence on delivery time. The development ofstrategic direction of cargo delivery within«Silk road» policy makes the railway more and more attractive.

Our main routes: China - Russia - Belarus - EU.

Our advantages:

  • Direct service, fast, stable and safe;
  • Railroad logistics is cheaper more than 50% than airfreight with comparable delivery time (from the moment of cargo pick up);
  • Pre-carriage service since shipper/factory till POD local «last mile» service, «door-to-door» service;